We are proactive and relentless in identifying top talent quickly

Recruiting Services

Our recruiting capabilities are second to none.  The primary objective of our recruiting team is to rapidly identify and qualify candidates to be dedicated to programs we are managing on behalf of a client.  However, on occasion, clients ask that we assist with identifying resources for hard to fill positions.  It is our pleasure to support our client’s needs in this area, and our recruiting team has had tremendous success providing options for either contractors, or direct hire solutions.


Engaging in proactive market outreach to fulfill hard to find roles


Specialized Requirements

Customers seek out our assistance for tough to fill positions that involve highly skilled technical or executive responsibilities.  If you’re seeking generic or commoditized recruiting and staffing efforts, there are other options to consider.  People enlist our help when speed, discretion and sophistication are required in candidate identification.


Rapidly ID Candidates

JDA TSG treats every candidate assignment as if it is our most important requirement.  Our efforts are proactive, aggressive and targeted with a sense of urgency not provided by other firms. When we initiate candidate searches, we do so with a laser focus.


Understand Objectives

When we are retained by a client to conduct a candidate search, a clear understanding of the scope of the role is flushed out and memorialized immediately. This process helps to ensure that we can maximize our efforts on a customers’ behalf by minimizing the chances we miss key components of a candidates’ background and skill set.


Sophisticated Evaluations

As a professional service firm focused on creating operational efficiency for customers, we apply the same rigor to our own endeavors. We have developed a comprehensive process to vet candidates. JDA TSG evaluations are comprised of validated methods which result in high candidate conversation rates. Services include background and employment verification checks.


Technical Assessments

Over the years, we have refined and improved our screening apparatus to include technical assessments from our own Engineers (all subject matter experts in their fields) as well as customized online assessments that we craft for open roles. Candidates JDA TSG puts forth are technically proficient within the parameters we are provided by clients.