Onsite engineers who monitor and maintain your IT Infrastructure and provide escalation support

IT Operations Management

Day-to-day outsourced management and staffing of IT Operations, at multiple client locations, to perform the duties of monitoring, maintenance and remediation services to key IT infrastructure. These services include alert monitoring, data center security, problem analyzing and resolution, and incident management & escalation. In addition, we are responsible for hiring and end user training, as well as remote site coverage and weekend support. Routine business reviews are conducted with our clients to discuss program metrics and areas of operational focus.


NOC Administration

Effective NOC Administration goes beyond watching for alerts. JDA TSG understands that to be effective the NOC needs to know what to monitor, how to respond to the alerts and most importantly how to execute flawlessly.


Incident Management

Quickly driving incidents to closure requires preparation, a plan and full ownership. JDA TSG is experienced in the implementation and management of frameworks that quickly resolve events and prevent future crises from occurring.


Analysis & Resolution

The fastest way to resolve an event is to avoid it. Understanding the underlying cause and then implementing preventive measures lowers risk and drives continuous improvement.


Security & Monitoring

Maintaining the security and stability of the operational environment requires constant diligence and effective alerting. JDA TSG understands and can work with your team to implement effective and comprehensive security and monitoring capabilities.


Tier 2/3 Escalations

A natural flow exists from Tier 1/2 Help Desk Management.  With our advanced capabilities team, JDA TSG is positioned to manage the more difficult and hard to solve events in your existing  IT Operations.