We seek to challenge and inspire our teams to be great everyday and in every way

Alex Mortman
Chief Executive Officer

Our people are our most valued assets

JDA TSG is a family, and our members include not just our employees, but their families as well. It is the Company’s responsibility to care deeply for the wellbeing of our team. Certainly, this is easily demonstrated in our competitive salaries, company subsidized benefits and generous paid time off. But most importantly, our appreciation for our employees is demonstrated in our commitment to professional growth, our support of local community philanthropy, and simple yet impactful events that demonstrate our thanks for a job well done. Caring about people is not an item on a to do list. It’s what we believe, and who we are.

Foster collaboration

Our clients and our teams benefit from everyone being open to the ideas and opinions of colleagues. We go to great lengths to hire experienced, intellectually curious, and collaborative individuals for our organization. Every voice at JDA TSG is important, and working as a team is vital to our collective success. Be strong enough to appreciate constructive criticism, and ideas that are not your own.

Pick the right clients, and care about them deeply

At JDA TSG, we live and breathe the objectives of our clients, and their success or failure is ours as well. This commitment requires that we are not blind fans of our clients, but that we fully understand and respect what they do, and how they do it.

Expect to be great and innovate

Our expectation for quality is simple; we have to be great, every day. Our clients are entrusting us to manage programs that are critical to their ecosystems, and delivering anything other than excellence is unacceptable. A component of top quality work is innovation. What can we do differently tomorrow that will yield improved results? Let’s not settle for the status quo, even if the status quo is working.

Roll up your sleeves and work

Genuine effort and hard work are key ingredients to our success. We encourage our team to take ownership, and empower people to make a difference. When giving the extra effort is the norm, likelihood of success increases dramatically.