As a resource integration firm, JDA Technology Service Group (“TSG”) specializes in advising Fortune 1000 and Fortune 500 businesses on a broad range of projects including staffing, recruiting, project implementation and special assignment needs.

We have a successful track record of addressing pressing needs of substantial organizations and through thought leadership, and hard work, providing timely cost effective solutions.

Our team is dedicated to partnering with clients, and to working tirelessly on their behalf. This entrepreneurial spirit is the foundation of our firm, and enables us to achieve the objectives of our clients.

Our approach

Is to provide the highest level of resource integration and advisory services to business leaders that historically have had limited access to vendors who take a sophisticated approach to solving complex issues.

TSG takes on the responsibility of understanding our clients’ unique requirements and then providing comprehensive solutions, with the most appropriate resources for each particular project. It is this management of “the process” that allows our clients the time and flexibility to grow and operate their businesses.

At our core, we work by adhering to these fundamental principals:

Work as advocates for our clients, with the same high level of integrity and tenacity that we have in building our own firm.
Senior Management will be involved in every aspect of a client assignment.
Maximize relationships to maximize value for our clients.
Continue to hone our craft to insure that we provide the highest quality of service to our clients.
Treat our colleagues, clients and their affiliates with the utmost respect.


Our principals’ backgrounds and extensive experience are critical components in delivering positive results. Too often projects are driven off-track without good reason. We work to anticipate issues before they arise and have the flexibility and creativity when issues develop to recommend solutions.

As the direct advocates for our clients, we propose and effectuate programs that satisfy pressing needs. In addition, our principals’ experience in building successful companies allows us to view each project as a unique business, and view it from the perspective of ‘what’s the most responsible manner in which to grow and effectively contain costs?’  We believe this perspective to be unique, and appropriately aligns our interests with those of our clients.